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From Argentina, the land of barbecue, we offer you the best grills to savor an exquisite Argentine-style barbecue wherever you are. They are the perfect choice for those seeking excellence and versatility in each of their barbecues and meals.

They are made of the highest quality iron and stand out for their unparalleled durability, being your companion for adventures and cooking for many years. Additionally, they are known for being detachable and easily portable, allowing you to cook anywhere.

With Amara, not only can you cook the best barbecues, but you can also prepare any type of food, from fish to vegetables. They are the company you never knew you needed to perfect your dishes and improve your barbecues. Develop and elevate your culinary skills with our grills!

The authentic Argentine barbecue experience is at your fingertips! Discover our variety of Amara grills that will take your meals and culinary experiences to the next level. Don't limit yourself to just meats; our grills give you the freedom to cook any type of food you desire.

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