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Monster FULL

Grill with Wheels

Monster FULL Grill with Wheels

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This product marks a before and after in Kankay’s history. A product for those who need endless cooking versatility and a huge display. This will definitely be the center of attention in every event, gathering, and meeting.

It includes a table and wheels making it easy to handle. Made in noble materials: iron and wood. Made in Argentina.



  • Grill 360 
  • Clamp Rack Grill
  • Grilling Cage
  • Griddle 
  • Brazier
  • Cutting Board
  • Skillet stand 




The grill is made of heavy duty iron 3,3 mm / 0.13' with high-temperature resistant paint.

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Lenght: ø 47” / 120 cm
Width:ø 47“ / 120 cm
Height:74.8” / 190 cm
Weight:120 kg / 264 lbs
Capacity: ∞ People

Care Instructions

"It is fundamental step when cooking for the first time, but is not complicated at all.
You can use oil or animal fat.
After heating the grill/ iron, apply a thin layer of oil and spread it evenly throughout the cooking surface. Let it burn for a while until you notice the material changes its color and finish.
Cleaning: To clean your Kankay after each use, use the same oil amd scrub any remains from previous cookings."

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Customer Reviews

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What an amazing product, the amount of different meals you can cook!!!!

We usually have 10-20 people in my house every sunday and i was looking for something like this and i was not disapointed at all, you can hang a lot of food in the cage and in the rack and you still have the option to cook in the grill and plancha. So many different cooking styles in one product. We also have a Catering and we use it as well in the business and the clients love watching the show of cooking there. Totally approved !!!

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