• It's anti-adherent - TRUTH!

    Iron pans have a natural anti-adherence that improves with proper use and care.

    Unlike Teflon or ceramic pans, which can release particles and be toxic to health, our iron sheet pans are safe and do not harm the environment.

  • It's hard to clean- MYTH!

    The natural non-adherence of iron is durable and resistant, which makes cleaning simple and easy to perform.

    With warm water and a soft sponge, you can leave the pan spotless after each use.

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    It's healthier- TRUTH!

    Non-stick materials eventually peel off and can expose layers of aluminum that are not good to cook.

    In this sense, Teflon (PTFE) pans can give off toxic gases when they reach high temperatures.

Check out our latest added combos

Our iron frying pans, previously only avaiable in single pieces are now available as combos as well. We manufacture iron frying pans in one single piece, without welding or added chemicals.

You can use these pans on hot stoves, electric stoves, in ovens or even directly in fire grills. We offers these frying pans in different dimensions ranging from 15cm (6 inches) to 30cm (12 inches) in diameter, either with or without handle bars.

100% made of iron, they are non-stick once the iron is fully cured. And we offer a lifetime guarantee on our pans. That is how confident we feel that our frying pans will meet your standards.

And we offer FREE SHIPPING on all combo orders!